2021/22 SEASON



• As per previous emails November 1st marks the date our League will be mandating full vaccinations of all Coaches, Players and Spectators over the age of 12. This will be shown at the door before entrance.

• We are allowing 2 spectators per player to watch games.

• Masks are to be worn at all times by spectators and coaches.  Athletes must wear them when they enter, leave and go to the washroom.  They must also wear them when not actively participating in a game.

• Entry for games will occur once all have emptied from the game before. 

• Please make sure your team has arrived 30 minutes before your game time to prepare for the above protocols, lateness will affect warm up time and game clocks will start on TIME!

Coalition League RRules and Regulations


The Coalition League game rules will follow all OBA Sanctioned guidelines with regards to FIBA rules, game length and equal playing time rules.

Please visit the Ontario Basketball Association’s website to review.

Specific Venue Rules

Ministry of Health COVID19 Guidelines (Standard at all facilities)
>> All individuals entering the facility 12 years or older must show proof of full vaccination at point of entry.
>> Spectators/Coaches/Volunteers must wear masks at all times while inside the facility. Players must wear masks while entering and exiting the facility but may remove them while participating in the games
>> All Teams and Spectators must exit the facility once their game is over. Teams cannot enter the facility until the site convenor has given the ALL-Clear signal. Specific Rules as they pertain to each facility:

Hoopdome (75 Carl Hall Road, North York)  

>> All participants in the league must fill out a Hoopdome waiver (once for entire season)
>> Hoopdome will allow 2 spectators per athlete to watch the games

Burlington Playground (952 Century Drive, Burlington)  

>> Burlington Playground allows 2 spectators per athlete to watch the games

Paramount Ice Centre (130 Racco Parkway, Thornhill)  

>> Teams must wait at the front desk until the site convenor comes and gets them.
>> Paramount allows 2 spectators per athlete to attend. Due to limited seating we ask teams make sure not to come upstairs early before the gym has been cleared!

Vaughan (GTA) Sportsplex (8301 Keele Street, Concord)

>> Sportsplex allows 2 spectators per athlete to watch the games.
>> Sportsplex will require all entrants to do a QR code screening test which will be located at the front doors

Mattamy Centre (Ryerson) (50 Carlton Street, Toronto)  

>> Download the Ryerson Safe App prior to arriving at the facility and fill out the required information (vaccination receipt/health screening) you can enter this information up to 24 hours before your arrival. Use the following email as approval for your onsite visit: mac.events@ryerson.ca
Here is the direct link to the screening webpage if members can not download the app: 


>> Have your vaccination receipt ready at the doors! Users can provide a digital or hard copy of their vaccination document. It can be stored in the app. They must show their info to the person at the entry point. They are limited to 1 person per player, and must watch from the upper seating area around the top. There is no room in courts, and they cannot stay in the hall and watch through the glass, as that is a fire hazard. A site convenor will escort the teams up from the escalator bottom 20 minutes before the games. Please have the teams gathered and ready to go up as a group. Only one parent will be allowed up the escalator.